who are we?


Calum - Luke - Ashton - Michael

Full Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Birthday: 25th January 1996

Nationality: Kiwi and Scottish

Star Sign: Aquarius


-Calums favourite food is pizza

-Calums fav colour is light blue

-His mum is kiwi and his dad is scottish

-He doesnt like salt and vinegar chips

-Calum hates crossing at Zebra Crossings

-Calum like Pancakes more than Waffle

-I Michael had to shoot one member of 5sos, eat another and kiss the other. He would shoot Calum

Full Name: Luke Robert Hemmings

Birthday: 16th July 1996

Nationality: Australian xx

Star Sign: Cancer

-His favourite animal is a Penguin. Because let’s face it they are awesome.

-His favourite TV Show is ‘How I Met Your Mother’

-He has 2 brothers

-He has a dog called Molly

-He likes cheese and ham

-His most recent Ex is Aleisha McDonald

-He is pure Australian

-His mother is a math teacher

-His favourite movie is AnchorMan

-His favourite Ice-cream flavour is Cookies & Cream

-His perfect idea of a date is going to the beach then going to Cold Rock after

-His favourite number is 7

-He plays the amazing guitar solo in ‘Out Of My Limit’

-He always eats, he’s constantly hungry. He basically lives in the kitchen.

-He won the 5SOS Pizza Hut ice-cream eating competition. He had 17 bowls.

-He’s an uncle

-He said he would date a fan 2 years younger than him

-His best friend is Calum Hood, they have a bromance and their name is Cake.

-Luke gets the most nervous before a show

-His favourite disney movie is 17 Again

-Luke farts the most

-Ashton’s favourite number is 18

-He snores. A lot

-His favourite disney movie is Hercules

-Ashton says the best thing about performing is “when the crowd screams your songs back to you, its the most amazing thing”

-Ashton claims he is good at ice skating

-His favourite childhood memory was the first time he played drums in front of an audience

-Ashton got his first drum kit when he was 8

-Ashton is scared of the dark

-He cries when he watches Lord of the Rings

-Harry Styles was the 1000th Michael followed

-Michael thinks snapbacks are cool

-Michael hates his signature

-He once serenaded a girl by singing One Less Lonely Girl